Our portfolio

We know that your schedule is already stuffed. That’s why we want to avoid the potential burdens and uncertainties of ordering custom-made devices. We will take care of the implants, so you can focus on your patients. You decide the amount of input you request, and we adapt to that.

Facial reconstruction

We can help you reconstruct trauma or oncologic cases, based on remaining tissue.

Subperiosteal implants

Patients sometimes have too little bone to allow normal dental implants. Therefor, we can provide them another solution: an subperiosteal prosthesis.

Aesthetic facial implants

Do you have a patient with a asymmetric skull, or maybe a fractured orbital wall? We can provide suitable implants for this as well.

Custom solutions

Do you have a patient with a problem but without a proper solution? We can help you with engineering a suitable solution for you and your patients.

Please contact your direct contact person at Implantify or contact us.